My Final product will be the Facebook that I have created and also the flyers I have made to pass out so people will like my page and donate. I'm no where near close I wanted to at least raise 5,000 dollars but I don't think that is going to happen, which is okay because any donation is helpful even clothes and toys and stuff children like.
Some problems that I have ran into is trying to transfer the money to the fostering agencies and making sure they get them. I haven't quite figured it out yet but I'm hoping I can. I have gotten the other donations and toys and other things people have donated to the facility's,
Some advice I would give someone is make sure you contact a facility before you bring the donations in and talk to them to let them know what you are doing. I have tried a few different fostering agencies and I couldn't bring the donations in because of some policy I wasn't aware of.
So far I have made a Facebook page and have gotten a few people to like the page but that's about it. i will continue making progress by getting more people to like my page and see what i'm doing so they will donate to the organizations.
Some setback I have is trying to figure out how to make the donations get to the facility's so they can get to the foster children and the money can go to where it needs to go. But I have had someone show me how to do it, so now all I have to do is wait and see if people will donate.
Hello my name is Summer Pope and I'm 17 years old. My senior project is going to be about giving back to the Foster Care society by either trying to get more people to become Foster parents, or at least give back by either donating money which I will give to CPS or a Fostering agency. I will also ask then to just give back by either donating clothes or toys for children in the Foster system. If not this then just simply giving back any way that they can.

The reason that I'm doing this is because I was and still currently in the foster system for a few years and from my past experience I know that foster kids don't always get a lot of things and most of the time the foster family has kids of their own and they will do a bunch for their kids and buy them a bunch of things but leave the foster children out. I don't think it's fair so I want to give back to those kids as much as I can.